Water Project

The drinking water supply in the hills of Lipah is precarious. The existing facility was built about nine years ago with the support of Rotary. However, the harsh environmental conditions, lack of maintenance and the ravages of time have had a major impact on the plant. Furthermore, the population has almost doubled in this period. If the system is not renewed and extended, the women will soon have to fetch the water down in the village and carry it home in buckets on their heads for miles as in the old days.

Here are some key figures about the project:

Inhabitants to be supplied with water: 600
Number of beneficiaries (families): 120
Water consumption per capita per day: 25 liters
Total water consumption per day: 15,000 liters
Pumping height: 260 meters elevation
Length of pressure line: 1,000 meters
Estimated cost for the water per person per month: IDR 3,500

We plan to build a new groundwater well about halfway up the hill at 200 metres above sea level. This will require drilling to a depth of 80 to 120 metres. The water is pumped with an electric well pump into a water tank of 20m3 capacity at the level of the well, and into a water tank of 20m3 volume at 380 m above sea level. From this tank, the water is gravity fed into smaller tanks, which are placed at strategic locations to the west of the hill so that families can draw the water near their homes. From the highest reservoir, water is also fed into the existing water tank at 200 metres above sea level. From there, the consumers on the eastern side of the hill will continue to be supplied with drinking water. The cost of this project is IDR 400,000,000.00 (USD 28,000).

We thank PT Strom Engineering Indonesia (www.pt-sei.com) for their valuable contributions to this project.