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May the rainy season begin

Temperatures hardly drop below 30 degrees at night, a sign that the rainy season is close. A reason to take a look at the new roof of Wayan Arya's father's house, which has gone up in flames two months ago with an incense stick. As emergency aid we had promised the family to contribute two thirds of the material costs for the restoration (please read our blog from 1.9.2019 "Fire on the Hill").

Accompanied by Pak Putu, our master mechanic and all-rounder, I ride the motorcycle up the steep path. The mountain slope is scorched by the stinging sun and dry like tinder. No wonder, as it has rained only twice shortly at night since mid-April. Only here and there a tree still carries green leaves. Not to imagine how a fire would rage up the slope if it got out of control. The few flat areas on the slope, some of them less than one square meter in size, have been cleared and prepared for sowing corn, beans and pumpkins. The rain can come.

The same applies to the new roof. It is covered with tiles lying on bamboo trunks and makes a stable and tight impression. At the edge of the roof, mortar protects the tiles from falling if another earthquake should shake the hill. Even the typical Balinese decorations are attached to the ridge. Pak Putu examines the new window and door sills and nods meaningfully. In contrast to the interior of the rooms, the exterior walls are still unplastered. Apparently the Balinese work from the inside out. In the roughly plastered interior walls there are vertical slits to be seen, into which cables are to be pulled in later and light switches and sockets are to be installed. I suppose that besides a light bulb the mobile phones of the boys should be operated with it. The only reference to luxury in the 21st century.

Putu and I walk around the house to see what's going on with the building material. The sacks of cement and sand lying around signal that the house will be plastered outside as well. But there is nobody there to give us any information. Only a small puppy guards his home barking hoarsely. After some friendly patting we are tolerated silently. That the restoration of the three small rooms plus veranda on 26 square meters of floor space takes so long is due to the fact that Wayan Arya and his helpers from the large family can only work on it in their spare time. After all, they have achieved the essential: the father has a weatherproof roof over his head again. May the rainy season begin.