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Fireworks on the mountain

Our volcano has been releasing steam regularly for many months, which is a good sign according to experts, firstly because the pressure inside the volcano is reduced and secondly because it proves that all channels inside the mountain are open. Both facts strongly suggest that no major eruption is imminent. In recent weeks, however, fresh magma has pushed its way up through the conduit pipe, accompanied by small volcanic quakes. So now, there is new ammunition in the crater and from time to time Mr. Agung will throw it at his surroundings. Like tonight at 3.30 o'clock: A bigger strombolian eruption, recorded here by one of the official observation stations, looked in the dark like a firework of the gods . The following ash cloud rose up to 2 kilometers above the crater rim and brought an early morning ash rain to some parts of Bali. Air traffic was not obstructed and no refugees were reported.