• Ines Abraham

Ash Rain

It has become quiet in the international media regarding the volcano Agung. Since July 2018 it actually hasn' t done much: Sometimes it is very quiet, sometimes it produces small ash clouds and even smaller eruptions, since a few weeks new magma is being pushed up and fills the crater with fresh lava, the seismic activity, which is meticulously monitored, is still at a rather low level.... There have even been isolated voices that he may now simply fall asleep again. But the local experts, who have done an excellent job so far, warn the population time and again: The volcano Agung is still in an active phase, and since it is a volcano of the unpredictable type, it could increase its activity at any time and endanger human lives. This would be fatal right now, because the rainy season has Bali fully under control. There is not only an increased danger of lahars, watery ash avalanches, rushing down through the mountain valleys. By far the greatest danger at the moment is that the rain has washed away some of the evacuation roads. So we can only hope that the Agung will content itself for the time being with providing us with one or the other harmless ash rain.