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Lombok is shaking

This morning we were ripped from our sleep by an earthquake. The bed swayed horizontally back and forth as if it were on a ship in high seas. The beams groaned, then photos framed behind glass fell off the shelf in the back of the room cracking and splintering to the floor. Now we have been accustomed to earthquakes since the volcano erupted. But this quake was unusually long lasting and strong. As it turned out later, it was the first of a series of six quakes of magnitudes between 6.4 and 5.6 with an epicentre on the neighbouring island of Lombok. They were not volcanic but tectonic quakes, as they often occur in Indonesia. The main quake, however, was quite a severe one, with a magnitude of 6.4. According to the latest reports, 10 people were killed on Lombok. Only minor damage has been reported here in Bali so far. Further aftershocks can be felt while writing these lines.