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Letting off steam

During the past few days the volcano has erupted several times, distributing tephra, probably a mixture of new lava and old lava which has been molten again, on the mountain top and emitting ash clouds, as already seen before. Since one of the ash clouds rose to a hight of 3 km above the crater and was carried away from a west wind we found a thin film of ash on our terrase this morning. According to experts, the frequent eruptions are good news as the pressure inside the volcano is decreasing.

Several thousand people living in immediate vicinity of the volcano have left their villages and moved to refugee camps. However, the authorities have not yet imposed on or advised evacuating. The alert level has not been raised and the danger zone has not been extended.

A wonderful video with music of one eruption on July 5th by Jacqueline Zwahlen on YouTube - KARANGVISION