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Timing is everything

He is doing it again: Shortly before the start of the high season in Bali, the volcano produces an ash cloud which causes the closure of Denpasar's airport for several hours today. Registered tourists cancel their bookings and look for volcano-free holiday destinations. A new financial catastrophe is looming for the Balinese after the first one of last year has not yet been overcome. However, the safety situation has not changed: Alarm level 3 still applies and the exclusion zone around the crater has not been extended. The experts of the volcanological institute consider the possibility that fresh lava has risen in the crater. At present, however, the risk of a major and possibly explosive eruption is low. So we enjoyed the beautiful view of the volcano in the evening sun yesterday and recommend to all potential visitors: Come here and watch this unique natural spectacle with us from a safe distance!

Photo: W.Sutha