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Three Months of Helping

Report on our ongoing projects

Eldercare: In the three months from December 2017 to the end of February 2018, we distributed 775 warm, healthy meals to the elderly, sick and infirm, living scattered in the hills of our village Lipah. Not only the seniors but also their families are extremely grateful for the support. In addition, 3 senior citizen households were equipped with 250-liter water tanks.

Medical Care: During the same period, 19 old people in the hills of Lipah were medically treated by Dr. Gandi in their home. We thank Dr. Gandi for his service.

Since January 2017, graduate nurses of the "Rumah Sehat Yayasan Kita Peduli" foundation have provided medical care to 130 patients at a central location in the hills of Lipah.

For a seriously ill dialysis patient from Bunutan, since January 2018, we have been handling the round trip twice a week to the dialysis center of a hospital in Denpasar, 100 km away. Thanks to the regular treatments, the quality of life of the only 30-year-old man has increased significantly.

For a boy of just over two years, we initiated the treatment in a hospital in December 2017 and took over the transport costs there. The boy could not stand on his legs before and often cried in pain. After two months of regular physiotherapy, he is already able to walk.

Education: Since January 2018, we have awarded two scholarships to highly motivated students in our village. It concerns a high school student in Amlapura and a student from Denpasar University. The scholarships are used to finance part of the transportation, tuition fees and costs of teaching materials. About half of the costs continue to be provided by the parents. We will continue to award these scolarships until the parents have enough income again to fully pay for their children's education.

Report on our new projects

Health Post: So far, the sick had to be treated, for lack of a better place, on the forecourt of a small shop, high in the hills of Lipah. This is not an acceptable solution in the long run, neither for the patients nor for the caregivers of Rumah Sehat. We therefore decided to set up a simple but convenient health post. The owner of the shop offered us a small plot next to his shop. We quickly agreed that he would provide the land for free, and we would provide the financial means for the construction. The construction would be carried out by the villagers, under the guidance and supervision of a paid supervisor. The construction period was estimated at about two weeks. We agreed with the owner of the land that he would visit us at home the following day to discuss with us the shopping list of building materials. We were extremely pleased that our small project could be realized so smoothly and quickly. But the joy should not last long. Instead of the owner's visit, we received the news the following day that he had withdrawn his offer. Currently we are talking to other landowners again and are very curious if it will work this time.

Drinking water supply: The drinking water supply of the people in the hills of Lipah is precarious. The existing facility was built about eight years ago with funds from the Rotary Club Ubud. The harsh environmental conditions, lack of maintenance and the ravages of time have contributed to the fact that the water supply system has reached its lifespan. It urgently needs to be renewed and expanded. The latter, because the population in the hills has since almost doubled to about 600 people. Most of the increase is because land prices in coastal plains have skyrocketed over the past decade and continue to rise. The price of a single square meter of land today equals one monthly income. People cannot afford it, and escape to the very steep hills where the land is still affordable. For this they must accept that there is hardly any access, electricity, nor water.

Together with Gilbert Murbach, a colleague from Switzerland, who runs a successful electrical installation business in the south of the island, and who was enthusiastic about our project, we are working out the details. We are extremely grateful for his expertise and enthusiasm. In the last few weeks, we have been up in the hills several times to over 400 meters above sea level to measure the dimensions of the installation and explore the routing, which is not easy in the rough, steep terrain during the rainy season. After we have collected the essential data, we work on the preparation of the detailed plan including cost calculation. A first rough estimate gives a total cost of approximately IDR 280,000,000, around CHF 20,000. As soon as we have worked out our detailed plan and coordinated it with the villagers, we will report in detail and hope that our generous donors will support us in this important project.

After the therapy in a hospital in Amlapura the two-year-old boy can finally stand and walk unaided