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Strombolian Eruption

Slowly but surely we got used to the more or less spectacular phreatic eruptions during the past two months. A little reminder: During a phreatic eruption, water reacts explosively with extreme heat, sometimes also hurling ash through the air. In case of the Agung, this resulted in the pittoresk ash clouds, the biggest of which brought the airport of Bali to a standstill.

Now, the volcano seems to change its strategy: Yesterday evening at around 7.20 pm it produced a Strombolian eruption: This means that hot, incandescent, volcanic material is thrown through the air. In our case the slag was hurled more than 1000 meters above the crater, accompagnied by an ash cloud of 2500 meters height and moderate seismic activity.

Unfortunately, the mountain is mostly covered by clouds, leading to an absence of good pictures. If we take the volcano Stromboli, on one of the Aeolian Islands north of Sicily, as an example, the eruption could have looked like this:

Just about three times bigger, since the Stromboli is a dwarf compared to the Agung...