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Volcanology for Dummies

And yet another two dummies have done it and surpassed the behaviour of their predecessors: This time, we have two Aussies climbing the volcano allegedly ignorant of the fact that this could be potentially dangerous. They had to turn back halfway up because they couldn't see a thing in the bad weather and they nearly suffocated in the sulphur vapour of the still active volcano. On their way back they were caught by the police, interrogated and enlightened about this not being a good idea. Unfortunately, the police had to set them free because dumbness is not punishable. Since they had not been able to interpret the numerous warning signs they had passed on their way up, perhaps the authorities should rather communicate their message by using emojis. In this case, the signs could read this:

Translated: For all brainless donkeys who climb the volcano (not a good idea, no trespassing, go back immediately because it is hazardous, you risk coming back in a coffin!) implies: they will be arrested by the police, imprisoned, and the key will be flushed down the toilet.

Perhaps the message will finally reach its intended addressees in this shape.