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Donkeys here, there and everywhere

"I am so dumb, you are so dumb, let's go and die together, come!" The equivalent to the two donkeys from Christian Morgenstern's poem are three russian tourists, who secretly climbed the volcano yesterday to become celebrities by taking videos of the smoking crater. After being welcomed by the autorities when they returned they immediately posted their blurred video in the social media. The balinese authorities appeal to the public to follow their instructions, in particular those concerning the exclusion zone of 8 to 10 km around the crater, because this kind of acts will not only jeopardize the lives of the respective donkeys but also those of the people who have to look for them. We forgo the use of the video and the publication of the names of those who made it, in order to discourage this kind of behaviour.

The volcano, however, appears oblivious to the excitement and does what it has been doing for weeks: emitting more or less smoke and producing minor eruptions which send small ash clouds drifting through the skies.