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This volcano is a Diva, I wrote in September in an earlier blog. How true! The Agung definitely has a unique style and it does not wish to show its hand. It cannot be controlled neither by statistics nor by experience. The ominous earthquake yesterday afternoon hinted that something dramatical would be happening shortly. But it didn't. Actually, the contrary happened: the situation kind of eased a bit. Even the airport could reopen its doors a few hours ago. But then, around 5pm, another lengthy earthquake. If at all possible, suspense is still building up.

While stranded tourists are complaining about the disorganisation of the Balinese authorities and telling tearful tales about their own dramatic flight from the volcano to safety, a real drama is looming around the mountain: The order of the authorities is for all people to leave the danger zone of 10 km around the crater. However, it seems that not everybody is following this order. Should the numbers be correct, not even half of the people who live in this danger zone have left their homes. If the volcano should really produce a major eruption during the next hours or days, there could be victims, possibly many victims. We're at a loss why the Balinese don't follow these official instructions.