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Agung erupsi

The long waiting is history. It finally happened. On Tuesday 21st of November at about 5 pm local time the volcano had a small eruption. It was a small phreatic eruption, meaning that the main actors were water and heat which triggered an explosion catapulting the supporting actors ash and stones through the air. No damages, no lava, no drama. They didn't even raise the alert level of the volcano which is still on 3. The 6 km radius, which should have been empty since September anyway, hopefully is so now. Some people were evacuated again.

The small ash cloud was quite soon dispersed due to changing wind directions. During the next days the wind will probably blow south, so Amlapura, the regional capital, will get the ash in case of new eruptions. There was no sign of lava but the experts believe the magma to be just below the crater. A real prognosis is impossible to make. The eruption could have been caused by heavy rainfall and be without consequences. Or it could be the ouverture to a continuous period of activity with one or more major eruptions including lava, pyroclastic flows and lahars.

For the time being, the official mantra is: Keep Calm.