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Enough Is Enough

Our latest visit in the refugee camp of Bunutan has shaken us up. The approximately 800 people sheltered here had to leave their homes because they are situated in zones which are

in imminent danger from the volcano Agung. Imminent danger means in this context that in case of a major eruption these regions will be destroyed by pyroclastic flows thundering down with several hundred Km/h or they will be covered by lava. As the volcano could erupt any minute this danger is very real.

However, during the day the refugees are drawn back to their houses. For understandable reasons! They had to leave all their possessions behind. Among others, their animals: cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats... in a traditional balinese household there are quite a lot of residents which either have 4 legs or wings. Some luckier refugees could take their cow with them to the camp. The others were forced to sell it on the spot at a ridiculous price to profiteers or to leave it behind. Whenever possible they go home to feed the animals.

This situation could last without the slightest change for quite a long time. The experts don't know when or even if the volcano is going to erupt. The Agung is a diva, and you never know whether she will make a spectacular entrance or collaps behind the scenes. The refugees must live with this uncertainty. The question is whether they are just financially ruined by the lack of work or whether they will additionally lose all their belongings including house and farm.

Well, we have had enough. We want to do more than just donate some food. Therefore we have opened a donation account:

IBAN: CH56 0483 5043 1900 6101 9

Recipients: Roy Hitchman and Ines Abraham, 80852 Bali

Object: Agung

And the to be expected invocation follows in hot pursuit:

Please, help!