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The Mountain's Call

A new day in paradise. What a weather! The sky is so intensely blue, as if to remind us how beautiful life is here. Only the tourists with whom we usually share our paradise are missing. They are afraid of Agung. No wonder, considering the headlines they get to read, like "Hundreds of thousands flee from seething volcano" or "Bali: people are scared". Only the most courageous dare to visit our island despite this kind of reporting. The large tourist centers are out of reach of the volcano, even though it is as imposing as the Gunung Agung. And what about our place? Actually, people should be queueing to witness the eruption from here. So close and yet so safe! A good 20 kilometers of distance protect us from ballistic projectiles, the position in the east of the mountain shelters us from pyroclastic flows and several mountain ranges shield us from lava. We house refugees who live in really dangerous areas. From several vantage points, we have a unique view of the mountain, which is, despite everything, just beautiful. Yes, people should actually queue to be here now. Where are the volcano-chasers, enchanted by the spitting prehistoric monsters, where are the scientists who want to study an eruption live, where are the psychologists who want to investigate the behavior of people confronted with such a tremendous natural phenomenon, where the journalists who report on all this? They would all be welcome here in Bunutan. But since nobody comes, hotels and restaurants are shut down, employees are dismissed or put on half pay (how much is half of anyway not enough...?). And suddenly, the ordinary Joes of a whole region are ruined. But that does not prevent them from helping the refugees who were brought here. The people of Bunutan will give until they have nothing left. The mountain is calling, dear travelers! Don't let hese wonderful people down by canceling your trips! All Bunutan is looking forward to your visit!