Mount Agung


Gunung Agung, Mount Agung, is one of many strata volcanoes in Indonesia and part of the circumpacific fire belt. It is the holiest mountain of the Hindus in Bali, seat of the gods and center of the world. In the 19th century it erupted three times. In 1963 a major eruption claimed more than a thousand casualties. Since then it has been silent. Until September 2017.

Fresh magma began to climb up in the crater until it was nearly filled under the hard crust of 1963. Since it was impossible even for the experienced volcanologists of Indonesia to predict the size of the imminent eruption and the Agung has the potential of a V7 eruption more than 140'000 people who lived around the volcano were evacuated. Fortunately, after a period of strombolian activity of several months with spectacular ash clouds the activity began to decline.

Mount Agung is still to this day in a state of activity, venting regularly and provoking little volcanic tremors when the magma inside the mountain is moved around. There is a 4 km exclusion zone around the crater.