Emergency Aid Programme 2020

Since the end of March Bali, like almost the whole world, has been in a state of emergency.

Life stands almost still: No tourists. No parties. No ceremonies.

The consequences are inevitable: No income. No money. No food.

And to make it worse: No welfare. No unemployment insurance. No savings.

The vast majority of Balinese are poor even in good economic times. Only the fewest of them can accumulate reserves. And now they are left with absolutely nothing. Until about the end of April, the small vegetable gardens, which almost every Balinese household has, will still yield crops, the last pumpkins, moringa leaves, papayas, spinach and some beans. But in the dry season nearly nothing grows in the bone-dry gardens of this region. Then, at the latest, many people here will definitely run out of food.


The emergency aid programme of the Bunutan Care Projects consists of care packages filled with rice, shallots, garlic, chillies, oil and soap. We regularly supply almost 90 families in Lipah since the beginning of April with these essentials. A care package costs about 6 US $ and feeds a family with 2 adults and 2 children for one week.

We need donations to finance the urgently needed care packages. Please help the people here in Lipah survive the crisis.

Thank you

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