There are no old-age pensions or retirement homes in rural areas of Bali. The elderly are supported by their children, traditionally by the youngest son. Where this system fails, they are on their own.


We offer help to some 30 old and frail people, some of whom live alone and scattered in the hills of our village Lipah. Many of them are unable to leave the house and are dependent on outside help. Our project provides these elderly people selected by the Kepala (village chief) twice a week with a balanced, healthy, balinese meal. The Kepala  and other helpers volunteer for the distribution of meals. Additionally, the often lonely people in the hills have an opportunity to talk with their messengers about their health and their needs.

Project start:



Medical care:

After an intensive initial phase in which our senior citizens were treated medically by doctor Gandi from Amlapura, now the Rumah Sehat of the foundation Yayasan Kita Peduli has taken over the medical care not only of the elderly but also of the whole remaining population of Lipah. For more information, see: