In Indonesia compulsory education is required until the age of 15 (Junior High School). However, the implementation is not equally successful everywhere. Although elementary school is free for everyone, there are still costs for teaching materials and school uniforms that are not insignificant to the poorer population. If the children are to attend secondary schools such as senior high school or to study at the university of Denpasar, they lack the means to do so.

Many parents, who themselves often have not received a good education, are aware of the value and importance of education and training. Many know that education is the best way out of poverty, and they really want to offer this opportunity to their children, even if they have to make sacrifices for it. 

The ongoing economic crisis is particularly harsh for these families, as they cannot adjust the cost of educating their children to their lower income, as opposed to their own standard of living. Therefore, in hardship cases, we will pay part of the cost of teaching materials, accomodation and meals, until the parents have a regular income once again. We are currently supporting 2 young, promising people, a 13-year-old boy visiting a junior high school for gifted children in Amlapura, and a young female student who is being trained as a midwife at Denpasar University.