September 26, 2017

It is late September 2017. I’m lying comfortably in a chair on the terrace reading a book. "Après nous, the Penguins," an apocalypse novel. Boom! The tiles below me are moving, the wooden roof construction wobbles and groans. A hard blow, like from a huge fist, shook o...

September 24, 2017

The shaking is quite frequent, now, always just one, short tremor, then it is quiet again. This would transform anybody into a bag of nerves! Our walls get more and more cracked, which is just a cosmetic problem and poses no danger as they are not structural walls. No...

September 22, 2017

Today the alert was raised to level 4, the highest level. Now, all inhabitants of the danger zones, because of this map also called "the red zone", must evacuate. But despite the lurid headlines, the volcano has still not erupted. It is somehow surreal to read in the n...

September 19, 2017

Today the alert level of the volcano was officially raised to level 3, "Stand By", the second highest level. There are actually newspapers that spread the news that ash plumes are rising from the crater. Hello??? What about some serious research? The social media is on...

September 14, 2017

There are some rumors about Mount Agung, a volcano some 20 km from here, showing some activity. We cannot confirm this, but you never know... Actually we were kind of hoping that it would wait at least 50 more years. An eruption so close to your door step... Not a nice...

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