The village of Bunutan is located on the beautiful northeast coast of Bali, which is known by divers and snorkellers under the name of Amed. Bunutan consists of the 6 fishing villages Bunutan Central, Lipah Beach, Lean, Selang, Banyuning and Aas, all located in beautiful bays. The regional capital of Karangasem, Amlapura, can be reached in about 45 minutes by car. Bunutan is located 20 km as the crow flies from the crater of Gunung Agung, the volcano, which, as of mid-September 2017, has resumed his activity after 53 years of silence.

The people of Bunutan are traditionally fishermen and run subsistence agriculture, so they do not produce much more than is necessary for the nutrition of their families. Many work extra or full time in hotels, restaurants, and homestays, as shopkeepers, beach vendors, tour guides, masseuses and scuba instructors, and are highly dependent on tourism.

After the volcano Mount Agung had become active again in September 2017 and the volcano alert had to be set to the highest level, Bunutan briefly accomodated up to 800 refugees from high-risk areas north of the volcano Agung. They were cared for by government officials and provided with provisional care. Thanks to private initiatives, their difficult life situation was alleviated.


Our website aims to draw attention to the basic poverty in our area and the precarious situation that people have faced since the eruption of the volcano. It talks about how, in collaboration with the local population, we can initiate and implement specific projects that help the poorest and needy. And it wants to call for donations that are urgently needed to realize our many projects.


The authors of this website and initiators of the Bunutan Care Projects, Ines Abraham and Roy Hitchman, are Swiss nationals and have been living in Bunutan since 2016.