News from Bunutan


The east coast of Bali, where the fishermen's village of Bunutan is located, depends mainly on tourism, as do the famous attractions in the south of the island. But while there gigantic, international hotel complexes cluster together, you will find only small boutique hotels and homestays in Bunutan. Here almost every Balinese is a micro-entrepreneur. And this paradise within paradise is now being hit by the third catastrophe in as many years:

With the awakening of the mighty volcano Agung in September 2017, the number of guests has dramatically decreased, especially in this part of Bali. At the beginning of July 2018, bookings finally picked up again, only to collapse once more precisely in eastern Bali in August 2018 after the destructive earthquakes with epicentre around the neighbouring island of Lombok. And now the whole 2020 season is about to be swallowed up by the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

The overwhelming majority of the people in Bunutan were already poor in 2017. But now they are left with nothing and many of them will not get through this year without help.

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